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LARC in the Park

LARC in the Park is a monthly field operating event held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. From May through October, we meet at Bien Park, which is a Livonia City park located south of 5 Mile Road and east of I-275. A map to Bien Park is here:

You don't need to be a LARC member or RSVP to attend LARC in the Park at Bien Park.

From November through April, we meet at the City of Livonia Emergency Operations Center (EOC), located in the Livonia Police Department at 5 Mile and Farmington Roads. You DO need to be a LARC member to attend LARC in the Park at the EOC, as they keep track of who is going in and out of the building. They've given the club a great deal of free reign once in the building, but you must be on our club roster to gain access, you must sign up for each month that you plan on attending, and you MUST do so by emailing our LPD/EOC coordinator Bill KD8KTF before noon on the Friday preceding LARC in the Park. 

We meet around 9:30 AM after the club breakfast (which is held weekly on Saturday at 8:00 AM) at Senate Coney Island on Plymouth Road just east of Stark. 

Solar Power - February 11, 2017

We'll take a look at putting together a solar power system for an amateur radio station. Peter K8ACS will demo his setup consisting of a solar panel and charge controller. We'll also run through some calculations to help you determine your panel and battery needs, and take a look at sources for solar gear.