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Before you may join this site, you must agree to the rules.

You must be a club member!

PLEASE NOTE!  If you sign up for this website, you MUST be a paid, current club member.  Unfortunately, we cannot validate accounts for individuals who are not a member of the Livonia Amateur Radio Club.  Signing up for the website does not constitute an application for membership to the LARC.  You can join the LARC by visiting our online store and selecting "New Membership" in the appropriate category, that can be found HERE !!


The LARC does not guarantee the accuracy, validity, integrity or security status of any content on this website, and will accept no liability from any issues that may result from it. We do everything in our power to eliminate malware and viruses, however, we cannot be held liable in the event that malicious software is uploaded to this site.

Accounts and your behaviour

Do not join this website more than once (hence creating multiple accounts). If you cannot remember your password, use the 'lost password' feature, which is available on the login page. If problems persist, contact the LARC website staff.  Also, it is prohibited to pose as, or willfully act as, a member of the LARC website staff.

General posting/submission guidelines

Do not post any copyrighted material for which you have no right to do so.

Do not use strong/harsh language or make sexual references or innuendoes. Do not post sexually graphic content or link to or post pornography.  The LARC staff has the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any content message they feel is inapproriate, without any warning given to the poster.

Do not submit any content that you know to contain viruses or commonly exploited security holes.

Do not try to bypass the word filter: filtered words are placed in the filter in accordance with guidelines, and obvious misspellings or equally obnoxious alternatives, will not be tolerated.

Do not post a link to a website that contains material that would be in violation of the rules if posted directly on this website. Do not incite illegal activity, either directly, or by educating with the obvious purpose to make it more achievable.

Do not spam this website:
  • you should be confident that anything posted will interest at least a minority of the members.
  • you must not post material more than once unless there is good reason, from the point of view of other members.

Do not intentionally disrupt the use of this website by other users. 'Use' has a general meaning for the purposes of this rule - for example, robust argument in a debate forum would be considered 'use', as debators would wish for it.

Forum and Chat

Please be respectful of the opinions of other members, and do not flame or degrade other members. If you have a problem with another members actions, contact a member of LARC staff.


Do not double post (post consecutively in a topic) on the forum unless…
  • You have new information to add after several days since your previous post was made
  • You are bumping a topic after several days of no replies
  • You are quoting various posts, and feel the need to do so in separate posts

Do not complain in-topic about the subject being too far off-topic or otherwise breaking rules.  If you have an issue or concern, use the 'report post' feature to alert a member of staff instead.


Under no circumstances may you use the chat rooms to start or continue sexually suggestive dialogue or other illicit or illegal activities with any member.


The feedback forum and page were created so members may contact LARC staff on matters that require attention. Please make an extra effort to not go off-topic in these areas, and use the most appropriate channels when communicating with the LARC staff.


Images in your signature should not exceed 50k in size, 468 pixels wide, or 110 pixels tall.  Text in your signature should also not exceed more than 5 lines of normal-sized text space.

Remember that a big signature is not always a good signature. Keep it nice and simple. Feel free to include your website in your signature if you wish, assuming of course, that the site itself does not break site rules.


Avoid the use .bmp files as avatars - if you choose to upload your own, we request a more appropriate format, such as the .png format.  Avatars size is restricted by the system according to your usergroup.


Do not abuse the point system - the point system on this website is intended for the enjoyment and fun of our members!


You may not try to hack into this website. For the purpose of this rule, 'hacking' includes any technique designed to compromise the security or stability of the website.  IP addresses are tracked and logged and such behavior will result in your account being either put on probation or banned entirely.


Acceptance of these rules implies acceptance of the privacy policy (which includes details of how this website uses cookies).


The LARC staff reserve the right to ban any member who breaks any rule, whether the rule is agreed as broken by the alleged offender or not. No warning or explanations need be given.

The staff and LARC board of directors also reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

Include your call sign

When choosing a user name for the site, please be sure to include your call sign as a part of that name:  e.g., K8ABC Firstname.

AGAIN:  You must be a club member!

If you sign up for this website, you MUST be a paid, current club member.  Unfortunately, we cannot validate accounts for individuals who are not a member of the Livonia Amateur Radio Club.