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About LARC

The Livonia Amateur Radio Club founded in 1969, has been a long-standing part of the Livonia, Michigan community. Our club has wide and varied interests -- special events, DX, contesting and more.

The Livonia Amateur Radio Club has been affililiated with the ARRL since February 7, 1976.

About LARC Membership

For more information on the LARC, please feel free to join us at our next meeting and speak to one of our board members.
If you prefer we offer the option of joining the club online via our online store!

The cost for LARC membership is as follows:

$25 for the first year / $26 via online LARC store
$15 renewal fee / $16 via online LARC store

To complete the application manually and bring it to a meeting, you can
Download an application for membership here.

If you prefer to take care of your application online, you can get to the LARC Store membership category directly
By Clicking Right Here!